Up to now, Thaco and Foton have had more than 15 years of strategic cooperation and cooperation (2004 - 2019). The process of strategic cooperation, production technology transfer and combination of strengths of FOTON Brand - China's No. 1 car manufacturer and THACO - the leading automobile distributor, manufacturer of Vietnam, come THACO has now built a prestigious Foton vehicle brand, providing customers with high quality and economical product lines: Thaco Ollin, Thaco Forland, Foton Auman, Foton M4. Foton branded trucks and ben products are manufactured, assembled and distributed by Thaco to Vietnam market in various types, models, and payload from 2.4 tons to 45 tons, which are present in most of Market segment includes: medium load, heavy load, tractor, ben medium, heavy ben ... with many advantages and outstanding performance. With outstanding quality, equipped with Euro 4 emission standards, suitable for terrain conditions and transport infrastructure, Foton products manufactured and assembled by Thaco have met increasing demand. of customers all over the country.


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